10 sex myths that won’t die soon


Sex has been in existence since way back but it is an art that we continue to understand and improve over time. You have probably heard different things about sex but not all of it is true. The myths are more than the facts. We will be looking at the 10 myths that are most common. We sort the advice of experts in that field. We talked to Debby Herbenick; scientist and sexual health educator, Lindsey Doe; doctor of sexual health, and Amy Marsh; clinical sexologist. Here are the myths we cracked out.

  1. The size of the penis matters

People have believed this for a long time. Yes maybe to one person the size and shape of a penis matters a lot but that size isn’t what makes a man good in bed. There are other aspects which are more important such as the psychological connection between partners. An average erection is up to 5.6 inches and a lot of men reach and pass that mark. So we have very few men who are below that size. There are a lot of products in the market that claim to increase penis size in a short period of time. Whether that is true or not it remains a topic for discussion. Before you go into that you can talk to your partner and ask if that is necessary because most women prefer an average size penis.

  1. Men and women reach their sexual peek at the same time

By sexual peak, we mean the point where a man is fully sexually ready than ever. Is there a difference between the sex pleasure of a teen and an old man? Do they enjoy sex the same way and same magnitude? What about the women, at what age do they fully enjoy sexual satisfaction? People believe that men and women reach sexual peak at the same age. But this doesn’t really make sense. Everybody is different and the sexual desires aren’t dependant on age or gender.

  1. Women can achieve orgasm from virginal penetration alone

The truth is most women do not achieve orgasms this way. It is not an easy one two step thing. You can’t just insert a dick into a vagina and result into an orgasm. It takes more than that. Research shows that most women fake orgasms just to show their partners that they are doing it right while actually they are not.

  1. Men can’t have multiple orgasms

This is the most contested myth. It sounds ridiculous that a man can have multiple orgasms but researchers say it is not impossible. 12% of men have reported having multiple orgasms.

  1. Women are naturally more bisexual

It is just the society that accepts bisexual women more than bisexual men but it doesn’t mean that there are fewer bisexual men. Sexual orientation is personal and research shows that there are more bisexual men than women.

  1. Trantic sex makes orgasm for hours

Trantic sex doesn’t mean that you will orgasm for hours. Why would someone want to orgasm for hours anyway? Tantra is a sexual intimacy which allows partners to use eastern techniques to share energy.

  1. Men want casual sex and women commitment

Men have been considered creatures who were born for sex but it is not entirely true. We have seen increasing numbers of women who do not want commitment either. We have many women who are single mothers by choice. So sex and commitment is not a thing of gender but rather a thing of personal choice.

  1. Oral and anal are safer than vaginal sex

This is a very big lie. When people talk of safety, they refer to STIs. The only way that oral and anal are safe is when you are thinking about pregnancies. You can’t get pregnant from oral and anal but you can get STIs. Did you know that you can get HIV via oral sex? Yes you can. If you happen to have a mouth tear and your partner who is HIV positive has one too, oral sex could get you infected. So anal sex and oral sex aren’t as safe as you think.

  1. Women don’t watch porn

This can’t be true. Women love porn just as men do. In fact most women say that when they are making love to their partners, and are watching porn at the same time, they are most likely to orgasm faster. When porn was made, it was targeting the male gender but women also enjoy porn. Research shows that both men and women react the same way to sexually explicit material. Women don’t like admitting to watching porn but they actually do.

  1. Great sex comes naturally

To some extent, it is true that sex comes naturally because there are some people who don’t have to put much effort just to satisfy the other partner but the opposite is also true. If you don’t perfect your act you can’t be perfect. You need to constantly learn about sex and most importantly learn how to please your partner. Every partner is different and has different desires. Some couples have natural chemistry and they get things going easily while others don’t have. We can’t just say it comes naturally and if you have it you are lucky if you don’t you are doomed. No it doesn’t work that way. Its either you have it, or you go get it.

We have had sex for the longest time but it is just recent that we started to study it. There are many things to learn about sex. The myths discussed above are the most common but there are so many other myths. Some are traditional myths that exist in different communities. Every community has its take on sex but since we are a modern society, we want to crack the myths down and remain with the facts. Whether we will be successful or not, you are the one to determine.


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