$25K ‘bug-bounty’ for hackers by PornHub

pornhubIt is known that America is the land of opportunities, and the newest program announced by PornHub just verifies it. The biggest porn tube offers a chance for every hacker, programmer or simple guys with peeled eye and lot of spare time to hack the site, look for bugs, insecure areas and leaks. They get paid from a big budget of $25,000, and also they can always enjoy some fine porn during their bug-hunting. According to Corey Price, the PornHub’s Vice President, they are following the lead of the major tech players. Just as Google or Uber does, the PornHub also tries to tap into the untouched and uncontrolled talents of security researchers and normal men who think they are capable. This is a precautionary and proactive step to make sure that the site and the member’s information is safe. It’s a step taken in addition to the dedicated team of the company, since the more people look, the better chances they have to find something.

The bug-bounty program of the PornHub follows the trends started by Google and the Uber, as it gives away real cash for those who successfully tap into the site. With over 60 million horny people visiting the site each day, it’s utterly important to eliminate issues which could cause crashes or data-thieving.

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