Brazzers Launches Safe Sex Campaign

Brazzers Launches Safe Sex Campaign

Brazzers is a unit of the Montreal Manwin group of companies. They recently decided to launch a campaign named Get Rubber in an attempt to encourage safe sex in the community.  The campaign aims to educate people about the importance of safe sex as well as the dangers of unsafe sex.

Studies have been showing that the youth today are more scared of pregnancies than they are of HIV/AIDS, which is just so sad. When asked, several teenagers said that they fear pregnancies because of the responsibilities that come with it such as taking care of children. They continued to say that pregnancies can get them out of school. These arguments are so immature. It’s obvious that they have forgotten that pregnancies are only carried for 9 months whereas HIV/AIDS lasts for a lifetime. Up to today, scientists have tried to come up with a cure for HIV but nothing has been officially proven to be an effective vaccine or cure. This shows that HIV is a chronic virus and no cure is coming up any time soon. Youths need to change and become more responsible. If you are scared of getting pregnant then you have got to be even more scared of HIV or do you want to see yourself taking ARVs daily knowing that you are getting weaker and weaker?

This campaign by Brazzers just came in at the right time. It educates about the dangers of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. When the project started they also launched a website This site stresses on the use of condom. What they say is that no condom no fun.

Brazzers in itself is part of the adult entertainment industry. They have been setting the standards that others follow. For example, they were the first to venture in mobile phone pornography. They started releasing porn videos that viewers can watch on their phones. They were also the first to start porn star networks.

Brazzers public announcement explains how HIV is transmitted. The most common way of HIV transmission is through unprotected sex. This happens when a person gets direct contact with the sexual organs of a person with HIV/AIDS. Some people used to argue out that one cannot be infected with the virus if they practice anal sex. This is just a myth and the truth is, HIV can be transmitted via contact with penis, vagina as well as the anus of an infected person.

Even the use of condoms does not guarantee 100% safety in some cases but the risk of getting the virus while on protection is very low. The reason why it’s not totally safe is because accidents can occur such that the condom may burst because of two common reasons. One, in the event of hardcore sex, the man may become too rough and thrust too hard until the condom bursts. Two, if you have prolonged sex and you don’t change condoms the lubrication will wear out and chances are, the condom will burst. These are situations that we can avoid all together so condom use is highly recommended.

Another way of reducing the spread of HIV is as follows

Abstinence – This involves denying oneself from sexual activities. This is a good option for teenagers. It is a short term option that cannot be sustained at some point. For example it’s unreasonable to asked married and dating couples to abstain. The society needs to go back in time to the point where there used to be no sexual relationships between teenagers.

Brazzers urges people to be careful even in marriages. A recent study shows that HIV spreads faster in marriages. So one may ask how this happens. Well, here it is; it’s very easy for a married man or woman to have an extra marital affair. It is also very easy for this man or woman to have unprotected sex. It is a fact that most married women have had children out of wedlock. The husbands end up taking care of someone else’s children thinking they are theirs. Let’s say we have two people A and B who are married. Then A has an affair with C who is also married to D. Then D has an affair with E who is HIV positive. If D practices unprotected sex with E he will get infected. Then he will infect his wife at home who also has an affair with A. A therefore transmits the virus to B. Within just a short time, 5 people have been infected with HIV which later develops into AIDS. It’s a little confusing but those are the facts in today’s society. This could have been avoided if D had practiced safe sex with E.

Condoms are available for both male and female so nobody has an excuse not to have protected sex. Brazzers launch even extends to DVDs whereby all the videos contain the announcement that safe sex is a must for all. This means all the porn videos that you will get from Brazzers involve sexual activities with the use of condoms. Since they are the standard setters, they believe that other porn makers will follow suit and practice safety. There campaign is also aimed to raise funds for different projects. This means there are other projects coming after Get Rubber. Brazzers has joined other charitable organizations such as UNAIDS to help in charitable projects.

Brazzers launched the campaign with a billboard. The board featured porn stars that have been considered big names in pornography. The 3 names featured are Nikki Benz, Rachel Roxxx and Rachel Starr. They used these names because these stars have the ability to influence so many people. They are role models in the porn industry. These names have released so many porn videos and have been in the industry for the longest time.

In conclusion

Brazzers has launched a safe sex campaign named Get Rubber. This campaign encourages the use of condoms to reduce the transmission of HIV. It is just one of the many projects that Brazzers said it will undertake as an attempt to give something back to the community

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