“The Business of Pleasure” released by SexToyConsulting.com

image-205360The SexToyConsulting.com recently released its online guide which offer help to those who would like to start doing business in the sex-toy arena. The manual’s title is “The Business of Pleasure: Adult Novelty Business Mini-Tutorial”. This firm has been helping entrepreneurs and business for a long time in getting a foothold in the adult novelty area; their partners range from retailers to manufacturers. The main goal of the consultants is to guide professionals who try to bring products and sexual health knowledge to the consumers, while business owner can make a nice revenue.

The CEO of the consulting firm and the Holistic Wisdom Corp., Lisa Lawless Ph. D. says that those who hope to achieve success with a new sexy toy and pleasure goods site with PPC programs like AdWords are going to run into walls, and feel disappointed. She said that in this field, this tactic yields low conversion rates – less than 1 percent. To avoid frustration and loss of money, education is vital in this sector. Setting up a successful business isn’t easy in this field, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a website or a physical store, running such businesses requires tactical thinking, and this what the SexToyConsulting provide to its clients, so they can achieve their goals. This tutorial helps with starting with the basics that everyone should know if they plan to start in this niche.

The manual is available at SexToyConsulting.com, look for the title: “The Business of Pleasure: Adult Novelty Business Mini-Tutorial”.


Lisa Lawless, Ph. D. is based in North Carolina, and apart from the SexToyConsulting.com, Holistic Wisdom Corp., she also founded the National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality. The NAASAS educates professionals in the adult novelty and sexuality fields.

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