Pornhub reveals an open secret

The Pornhub, one of the largest porn tube-sites has released a series of statistic data, concerning the visitors’ habits. However, now not the guys are in focus, but the chicks instead, and as this statistics revealed, they watch porn a lot.


Stream free porn on your television

You don’t have to hurt your eyes by watching porn on a 21” or lower sized screen anymore. It took surprisingly long, but finally Pornhub released a Roku app, which takes your porn back to the living room! You know: bigger is the better, and that’s true for screens too.


Pornhub has done it again

In February, Pornhub took the next step to really become the “Netflix of porn”. The company announced the launch of its in-house video developing wing, the Pornhub Originals. The first movie the Pornhub releases is the porn parody of the 90’s sitcom, Full House.


Hustler Hollywood

Larry Flynt, together with Jessica Rhodes and Alexis Texas also attended the great event of opening the 20th Hustler store. There is no better place to celebrate such a nice number than Hollywood. The opening was fun, and the store has everything a man or woman needs to enhance his/her sexual life.