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Basics of Virtual Reality Porn – FAQs!

This article will help you to get familiar with the Virtual Reality Porn as it is. You will find here all the answers to those questions you may have come to your mind. By knowing these basics, you can get yourself ready to get into the middle and ride the newest wave of adult entertainment.


$25K ‘bug-bounty’ for hackers by PornHub

PornHub announced that any hacker who can access the site, or finds a bug gets some cold hard cash for his/her finding. PornHub is one of the biggest websites with nearly 60 million visitors every day, so the people behind it finds this to be the best way to ensure and strengthen security.


Stream free porn on your television

You don’t have to hurt your eyes by watching porn on a 21” or lower sized screen anymore. It took surprisingly long, but finally Pornhub released a Roku app, which takes your porn back to the living room! You know: bigger is the better, and that’s true for screens too.

Good porn in mainstream

Is porn going mainstream a good idea?

There has been an increasing concern about the whole idea of porn going mainstream. We have seen many efforts with regards to achieving the same. A recent example is the public campaign done by pornhub. This campaign saw an ad being placed on Times Square. This is one of the things that the porn industry is doing to push porn into mainstream. But the question remains whether it is a good idea or not.