Google hides Gay Pride feature

Google’s Doodle for Gay Pride Month

In today’s society, we have seen increasing numbers of gays. In the past even mentioning the word gay was a taboo in some communities but now gays are everywhere. We interact with them on a daily basis. Some people still find it hard to accept gays. It is a bit different with lesbians. People have accepted lesbians better than gays. Women are considered emotional and affectionate so seeing 2 ladies giving each other a hot kiss is considered not so bad. On the other hand seeing 2 men holding hands in the streets is irritating to some people. Well, that is how humans think. The gay society has risen from its shadow where they used to practice gay in hiding and now they have began to fight for their rights. Some medical professionals argue out that gays should be understood that they have some imbalance in their bodies such that they get attracted to fellow men. This is an argument that gays themselves criticize. They say they are well and that they personally chose to be gay. Gay couples get married and if they want children they adopt them.

Google’s Doodle feature

Google has a feature they call Doodle which allows them to celebrate famous holidays, birthdays and events. For example when the world cup started they used football Doodles as a way of recognizing the worldwide football event. When you hover over the Doodle, it displays the name of the event, the person whose birthday is being celebrated or the name of the holiday. June is a gay pride month so the gay society would have wanted Google to recognize them well. Google did recognize them but it was criticized. They placed a rainbow Doodle next to searches related to gays. Searches such as homosexual, gay, lesbian, transsexual etc. were the ones displaying the doodle. That is not what the gay community wanted. They wanted to have a main Doodle just like any other; One that appears when Google page loads. They also wanted it to stay longer. The way Google put it, they found it offensive. They felt that Google were only forced to put it there but were ashamed of them. Google said they are trying so had to incorporate as many events as they can and they don’t feel obliged. Was Google hiding the feature? Google is for everyone so I personally think that what they did was not that bad. Google is for gays, lesbians and straight. This was a controversial affair because on the other hand, anti gay activists would praise Google for that. I think that Google thought people would misunderstand if they had placed a huge Doodle. People would think they were advocating for gays while actually it is a personal choice.

Is the gay community just paranoid?

The gay community should at least appreciate the effort Google made. It is not like they didn’t recognize them at all. They did recognize them and they didn’t mean to offend anyone. What the gay society should do, is that they could request Google and tell them the next time they want to recognize the gay pride month, they should do so in bold. That way everybody will be happy. This also proves a certain point. It goes to show that the gay society is still insecure about their place in the community. But they need not to worry because the whole world is trying hard to accept them and make them feel at home. If you look at the most popular porn searches, you will see that gay has taken a top 10 position in many places all over the world. This shows that people are watching more gay porn than before. It shows people love gay sex. The search also showed that people are searching for names of people who are known to be gays.
This is what Google said in an email….
“During the month of June, Google is celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Pride, for some Pride-related search queries, we are showing a rainbow at the end of the search bar.”
Here is what one gay man said…
“Instead of boldly declaring its support of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, Google added a tiny rainbow to the end of its search bar.”
This incident awoken a mixture of feelings but Google responded to these claims by saying….
“We enjoy celebrating holidays and special events at Google. As you may imagine, it’s difficult for us to choose which events to celebrate on our site, and have a long list of those we’d like to celebrate in the future.”
Google used the rainbow Doodle because it has been used as the symbol for gays since it was created by Gilbert Baker, an artist from San Francisco, about 33 years ago. The rainbow contains 6 colors as opposed to the normal rainbow that has 7 colors. The symbol may therefore become the standard sign for gays, lesbians and transsexual.
In conclusion, the gay society felt disappointed by the fact that Google placed a less visible Doodle to recognize the gay pride month. Google says they were misunderstood and that they didn’t mean to make them feel inferior. But it is understood why they felt that way because Google has never placed such a small doodle since the idea was initiated. Gays have struggled so much to find a place in society so they feel vulnerable whenever something like this happens. Whether you are gay or you support gays or you do not like gays at all, we should all make an effort to accept that gays are in our society and many more will continue to exist. If your son decides to be gay, would you kill him? No. I think much has been done to show the gay society that they are normal people so they should not feel bad about such issues. They should take it positively that Google made an effort to celebrate their pride month and that there is always a next time. Maybe next year Google will make a better Doodle and make the gay society happy. But all in all let’s keep the peace.

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