Hottest search terms during the Easter


Pornhub, the leading porn tube of the Internet released a bunch of new statistics about what were the most used keywords on-site in 2015. On April 5, 2015 – last year’s Easter – the searches which were containing the expression “Easter” grew 4750% over the daily usual. It seems Pornhub was quite a favored place for Easter sweeties. Considering the Easter-related searches, the “bunny” hopped ahead by 830% on Easter Sunday, so for a lot of couples and loners that night must have been fun. As you might egg-spected, the word “egg” was quite popular (search frequency went up 597% on Easter Sunday), due to the simple facts that the egg is a type of vibrator… and it was Easter after all.

Now let’s take a look at what other Easter related searches were more frequent. Here is the top-list: the first place goes to Easter itself, while the Easter Bunny is the second most-searched term, and the Bunny Costume is the third. Quite strangely, a cartoon character came up the fourth place – Jessica Rabbit is still hot and popular. As far as complex searches and niches are concerned, the “anal Easter bunny” leads the list of the most-searched term (8775% growth), and the “Easter egg hunt” shot up to a 7439% gain in searches. In most countries of the world the Easter is a religious holiday – mostly in the catholic countries. Nothing shows this better than the fact that “church sex” and “church confession” searches had increased search volumes during last year’s Easter.

As an overall rule, it’s – fortunately – still safe to say that people don’t watch as much porn as on other days, and on holidays like Easter or Christmas, the overall traffic drops on sites like the Pornhub. There is an average of 9% drop in porn-site traffic around the world, but there are always exceptions. According to the Pornhub statistics, traffic from Belgium dropped by 26%, from Poland by 25%. On the other end, Brazilian traffic dropped by only 1%, while Russia and Mexico even demonstrated increased interest for porn during the holidays.

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