Joanie “Chyna” Laurer’s pornographic history

chynaA wrestler’s life not easy at all, and Chyna’s wasn’t a fairy tale either, but she tried to get the best out of it. Some say that if you have a career, you can’t start a new one. However, this wrestler did. After quitting wrestling in 2001 – still in her prime 30’s – she turned to the adult industry. Before that she got a bit of taste of this work, as she posed in the November issue of Playboy in 2000. Later, in 2002 she also made a cover appearance.

But the biggest breakthrough in her adult-star life were the two videos she shot with her boyfriend in China. The “A Night in China” was released in 2005, and five years later she shot the “Another Night in China”. Shooting home-porn isn’t a big deal, but Chyna aimed for more, and luck smiled upon her, as she had the chance to enter the professional arena: she debuted at Vivid Video in 2011. Her first professional shot was the “Backdoor to Chyna”, which parodied her wrestling past.

Chyna died at the age of 45, possibly due to overdose. Before her death, she began to run a campaign to get inducted as a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. Though her wrestling partner and ex-boyfriend said, it’s highly unlike that she would be given the honor.

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