KinkyMen – the ultimate Gay collection is the largest fetish and BDSM porn producer online, and those behind it all decided to make one mega-site that has it all. The KinkMen merges the six sites Kink has in the gay arena: BoundInPublic, ButtMachineBoys, BoundGods, NakedKombat, 30MinutesofTorment and MenOnEdge. With this step, they created a site that’s going to rule the gay BDSM and fetish part of the online porn world.

This step aims to take the company into a new era, while it also offers unrivaled benefits for the members. According to Matt Slusarenko, the marketing director of, they looked on the numbers, and saw a fluctuation: members were cancelling their membership to join another site with gay fetish content. This fluctuation is hard to track, and it leads to wrong depictions, so with keeping the users’ needs in mind started to create packages, mega-sites, where the members can access the same great quality content, coming from several series of the company. And they get it all with one account.

This model is better converting and lures more members to the network, as they can get five or more sites’ videos for one’s price. It’s a commonly used model, and as the consumer habits changes, the eventually had to switch to it. KinkMen is available now.



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