Mothers’ Day statistic of 2015 by PornHub

mothersdayIt’s good news that people know when holiday is held. Nearing the first Sunday of May, the mom- and MILF-related searches’ volume doubled, as the horny porn watchers tried to get into the holiday-mood. Just as on other holidays, Mothers’ Day also brought a 190% increase in related terms. There are five significant terms which we searched for last May: “step mom” was the most frequent, it’s followed by “MILF” and “mom”, the fourth is the “friend’s mom” terms. Quite strangely, the lesbian action of “step mom and daughterweren’t as frequently searched as the “step mom and son” action.

People always know what they want, and the ever-famous MILF pornstars also had an increase in search terms. The first is the ever-popular Lisa Ann, the second place was taken by Brandi Love, and seemingly the third most popular MILF is Jodi West. To make it more interesting the folks at PornHub Insights broke down the stats by states: Iowa seems to be the most mother-loving country, but Texas, West Virginia, Vermont and Nebraska isn’t far behind. It looks like Alaska, Nevada and Hawaii respect mothers in the usual way, people of these states are not into moms.

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