Nikki Benz – Brazzers’ newest exclusive star

nikkiThe Brazzers recently announced, that the company chose Nikki Benz to represent them as brand ambassador. She is the first and only ambassador since 2004, and it means an exclusive contract with her too. Nikki and Brazzers worked together for a long time now, and they have seen the great growth of the industry together, which eventually lead them to become a power couple in the industry. This relationship promises to open new heights, especially in the newly found safe-for-work adult market.

As the contract started, the volume of work increased for Nikki: now she produces adult content on a monthly basis, while she also hosts the TrendZZ, the newest publishing platform of the company, which is meant for the safe-for-work market. Nikki Benz has grown into an adult icon like Jenna Jameson and Pamela Anderson were, and she also brings a fresh, modern color to the industry. She shares off set scoops and behind the scenes videos and photos, also she makes commentary on things that’s popular nowadays. As porn is becoming a mainstream every-day thing rather than a taboo, Nikki Benz is coming out to the light too: she was voted for the Crossover Star of the Year in 2015’s XBiz gala, and this year she became an AVN Hall of Fame inductee.

Mario Nardstein, Product Director claims that Nikki’s enthusiasm and dedication is what made her to be the perfect choice to be a brand ambassador. Also, he stated that the fans should expect much more of her, in hardcore and non-pornographic ways too.

As far as Nikki is concerned, she feels honored to be an exclusive contract star, a brand ambassador and that she is also hosting the TrendZZ. This is a grand opportunity, and she knows that she isn’t just any porn star, but her name and face are one with the Brazzers, and she has to act in accordance with this.



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