An overlooked source of revenue: adult video theaters and arcades

image-203897Adult theaters and video arcades are often unnoticed topics, but they could prove to be huge sources of income. Considering the small preservation costs and expenses, the chances of running a successful establishment are quite good, and all initial expense returns in a short time. For example, at the Adult Emporium of the Deja Vu they have $10 tickets, which are valid for eight hours. Their arcade is working on a pay-to-play base: 3 minutes for $1, and there is a minimum of $5 to actually trigger the videos. At the Love Boutique they sell also eight-hour ticket for $12 that grants a theater access and unlimited play at the arcade. There are ways to monetize further on this method, by offering the guests a price-cut at the other place. It may look crazy, but it’s working for the owners and for the guests.

Naturally, raising the price by two bucks caused some unrest among our regulars, but they got used to it, and they are quite happy. They can have fun without exceeding their budget. The Deja Vu has an establishment in St. Louis, called the Boutique Erotica, which has a different monetizing method: it asks $5 for four-hour access (in the form of wristband) to the hall where they can find the theaters and the arcades. The rest is the usual, the arcades are running on a pay to play base. However the theater has a money acceptor on its doors: in order to get you need to pay a dollar. If there is little or you don’t have any competition this can boost your income significantly.

And here are some hints and advices to help make your arcades and theaters more successful:

  • One of the most important things you have to deal with is your staff. They have to be patient, empathic, and they must avoid any kind of rudeness, just as they shouldn’t judge the guests. If you have much competition, you need to get a grip anywhere you can, and having a good staff is more important than ever. The theater guests are not just $12 sales – if you treat them right, they could be 365 times $12!
  • You have to pay attention to the guests’ opinion, so you should survey them now and then. This way you can know what the things they are not satisfied with are. For example, one of the common problems is the rotation – make sure to have variety and rotate the movies on at least the shift changes. Give the guests the option to pick what they want to watch and if it’s not a usual niche, you can up-charge for the exceptional service.
  • Cleanness is imperative. Make sure you have the hallways, the booths clean, and the equipment is always in working order. At many places the arcades are not working, the money processors are out of order so you can monopolize on that! You may add ventilation holes near the tissue holders, so the walls can look glorious.
  • Your guests will be thankful, and they will return if you provide them comfortable seating. When you are looking for it, you can find theater-like seating which are comfortable, and covered with a fabric which is resistant to spills and stains – it’s easy to clean. You may consider sofas too, since there is no need for armrests between every seat.
  • Again, a good staff is important. Don’t allow them to talk too much, or even harass the guests. Their interaction shouldn’t be verbal: they have to limit themselves to ascertain that everything works, the rooms are clean and the tissue boxes are full. Also, you should place sign for the guests to encourage them to ask for a staff member if something is not right.
  • To drive guests to your establishment, you should think out of the box. If you know your locals you know what kinds of websites – especially forums they are visiting, and there are several lifestyle portals where you can advertise your theater or arcade in one form or another. Running promotions is also a good way to increase guest ratios and your income. Buy X and get Y free is a nice deal, but you may run some couple-friendly promotions, along with different feature days. The feature days might be built on retro movies, new releases or on a niche, like anal sex.
  • Also, the exterior design and the signs on the building are strong in driving guests to your establishment. You have to make certain that the signs identify that you have arcades, theaters. Naturally, you should do some hype to with using words like “Brand New”, “Fully Digital”, “200+ Movies” and so on. For returning guests, you should build a different entrance. This way you can make them to feel as valued customers and they have the discretion they seek.
  • Place related, but everyday products at the registers to increase impulse-buys, and line the wall near the entrance with lifestyle-related products.

To make a conclusion, let’s settle with the option that the arcades and theaters are usually overlooked profit mines, which can create a very good income without too much expenses. Treat the guests who use your arcades and theaters well, and take care of their needs, thus you can reach even $5,000 extra profit a week!


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