Pornhub reveals an open secret


Your girlfriend lies if she tells you that she isn’t interested in porn. She may not be watching it regularly, but according the fresh statistics of Pornhub, she surely performed at least one search concerning porn. According to the latest data, the most popular niche for women is “lesbian”. This was the most searched category on the American continent, and it looks like that most of Europe’s women and even girls from Down Under are also interested in girl on girl action. Strangely, women of Africa were looking for “ebony” tagged porn, so they remained loyal to their fellow Ebony porn stars.

To break it down, let’s see Europe first. Most of the European girls are looking for lesbians, however there are some other leading niches too. For example, the ever-sexy Czech girls seek out mostly female friendly porn, while the Germans and the Turks prefer fresh cuties in hardcore action. Russian women seems to prefer anal sex, while the Kazakh females are looking for big dicks.

On the Asian continent, the leading niche is still the lesbian, but the hentai, and “Fresh Chicks” are the two other most-searched categories. Also, Arab, Ebony and Female friendly are popular porn niches.

The girls of the United States seems to prefer the fresh meat, and the Ebony porn, since the related categories were the most researched. Girls of Alaska seem to can’t have enough from their man, that’s why they are interested in Big Dick porn, while Washington state women prefer hentai porn. It seems that for a hot threesome you should try your luck with girls form Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia or Colorado. If you look on the map of the Pornhub you might be surprised to see that the Ebony category is the leading down at the Southern states.

It looks like the Canadian women prefer Asia, because Japanese and Hentai categories are leading the list, while the Ebony, Anal and also the big dick are often sought. It seems the Maritime Provinces like to be together with each other: the threesome category was the most popular there.

It’s not a big surprise that compared to the world average, the hentai is popular in Taiwan, the Philippines, Mexico, and of course in Japan. South-America (Argentina and Brazil in particular) prefers shemales, while the US girls and the South Africans searched for Ebony more often than the rest of the world.

Let’s also take a look on the time women spent on the Pornhub. The average is around 10 minutes, with only low differences. Women of the Philippines spend nearly 15 minutes with watching porn, while all other countries tend to have an average under 12 minutes. The women of Ukraine are either going of quickly, or they are not interested that much, because their average porn-time is just 6 minutes and 45 seconds.

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