Pornstars telling the common mistakes in Sex

pornstarsThe AskMen has been doing an interview with a few British porn stars. These girls told them what are those thing that can make them feel down, and lose their arousal. It’s quite sure that after seeing this list, or watching the video, you are going to come to the same conclusion: porn is not educational – it can teach you, but the bad things. So, here is the list:

  1. Not much foreplay, or no foreplay at all. Generally speaking, it’s proven that a woman requires circa 10-15 minutes of foreplay to be actually ready and horny.
  2. Finger-troubles: men tend to fuck with their finger like they do with their cock. However, your fingers are boney things, and not soft: do it slow, and make sure it’s wet enough. And don’t start with your biggest finger.
  3. Nails: you’ve ever let a women scratch your snake’s wink? No? Then why are you making her stand the siege of your big nails? Cut it, or go and get a manicure. Nails don’t feel good.
  4. Selfishness: it’s know that men are selfish lovers. They get sucked, or fuck the girl until they (the guys) cum, and then it’s over. Not good at all.
  5. Lack of communication: men shouldn’t just go ahead and fuck what they like. You have to know what’s good for your partner, and you have to pay attention to her, so you can know when you can enter.
  6. Don’t play pornstar: you don’t have to fuck like a professional with an 8” cock. Sex can be awesome for both of you if you avoid the mistakes, you are doing with passion and you feel real lust.

So, it looks like these six elements are what you should avoid if you want to be considered as a good lover. We have a few other hints and tips taken from porn stars, check them out too.

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