The Ten Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming!

turtleThe Wood Rocket is really trying to hit the fans. With porn parodies like the Womb Raider, Forrest Hump, Edward Penis Hands or Pulp Friction, this porn producer really showed that there is still fantasy and creativity in porn. Now the guys at Wood Rocket put in every genius and creativity they have, and bring us the Ten Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles. They also released a fun trailer for it! At Wood Rocket, they love the TMNT, and they all know the story, and grew up on the comics and the cartoons. This porn parody is their tribute to these turtles, and to show their appreciation they give the huge cocks. With big turtles, a rat, a crazy cutting cunt and a hockey-mask wearing hunk, the setup of the TMNT is really weird. The director, Lee Roy Myers have done weird things before, like SpongeKnob, SquareNuts or Strokémon, but he claims that this will be the weirdest of all.

The turtles are called: Michelangeblow, Raphallus, Leonhardo, and Dongatello. The porn star April O’Neil plays the role of April O’Neil. In the movie, the turtles, along with April and Casey Bones take on the infamous Spreader. She is the leader of the gang, the Footjob Clan. The events ought to take a sexy turn, and everything is going to be covered with radioactive turtle-goo. Watch the trailers, and enjoy the movie when it’s released.

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