It’s time to break the spell: don’t be one of many!

image-203169The most important advancements in the last year were the 4K resolution’s implementation to porn, and the appearance of Virtual Reality in this field, so it’s evident that the players of the business are expecting these things to be more popular and relevant. However, it might not come to that, since the prices are still high, and a regular Average Joe porn-fan can’t afford such devices. It will be years since these technologies become widely used and accepted. AJ Hall believes that the upcoming changes won’t be big, but there will improvement in many fields.

As expected, companies in the adult business are consolidating for the changes, and many new sites and companies are falling because they can’t compete with the older porn networks and the tube sites. AJ says that he expects to see changes among his customers will be in the ways of production, style and methods.

Piracy’s importance is one of the newest topics of debate in the porn industry, and many believes it’s the cause of the difficulties in selling adult content. However, as AJ states, the thickest root of the problem is boredom. Not just the customers, but even the production companies and the distributors are bored. It’s quite rare to find something new, exciting and original in porn, but when one finds it, he shots out of his chair.

The porn industry wore off, and there isn’t any magic of novelty anymore. The tables are clean, and at its actual state, the adult business seems exhausted – anyone can see it by joining DVD portals as the Videobox, or taking a look on a tube site. Of course it takes some courage to state that porn is boring, but currently, that seems to be the case. There is no more novelty in it – that’s the way of progress. At one point, the resources are used up, the ideas are wore off, and eventually it comes to a still. For the porn industry, it took the last 20 years to come to this point, and the consumers’ expectation is high.

There was a time when porn was exciting, and an anal session or a hot DP was considered as heavy, even it had a bit of extremity in it. Nowadays however anal penetration and double- or even triple penetration are quite common, there is nothing new in it. It’s the same with the other kinky niches, like BDSM and fetishes – they are commonly featured, and they have been exhausted. After the kinky porn, they invented – by riding the waves of TV reality shows – reality porn, but nowadays it’s not as exciting as it was, and it has become a mainstream thing. The reality was followed by fantasies and some nasty ones too: cuckolds and in-family (incest) themed porn videos… but then, some studios took the lead and they are ruling this field too.

This is it. The bucket is empty, and every player of the industry is trying to win over intolerance and overcome the dissatisfaction. According to AJ there are two strategies: for long-time playing, you have to play to survive, while for short-term success which can be the base for longevity you must stand out, and have something unique – and this is the hardest part. When it comes to selling online, site owners and producers are looking for a gap to fill, because those spots are the ones which are still tolerated. There is always something the consumers need, and newer themes, niches and high quality are the things that can beat the competition.

There isn’t a particular strategy, you have to set up your mind and want to stand out. Those who are still doing strong are always doing their homework: they read reviews, visit tube sites, and start to plan on who they could stand out and stay at the frontline. It’s recommended for every producer and site owner to do so, a bit of research, or just clicking through these sites like a common bloke can help in getting the picture about how to be different.

So, here is a new year – though it has been going on for three months now – and another year to start changing and stand out from the masses!


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