A trailblazer on the road of success: Gamma Entertainment


Stepping into its 20th year of operation the story of the Gamma Entertainment shows that it’s possible to stay above the water in the ocean of the adult entertainment industry. Always racing in this business, this company from Montreal is the best example of how new products, services, programs and the adaptation of new technologies and techniques can help to keep the advantage over the competition.

There are three important people behind Gamma Entertainment: Karl Bernard, Charles Rousseau and Daniel Bastien. Mr. Bernard is the one who started the Gamma back in 1996, based on four principles: upfront practices in business, honesty, reliability and respect. These are the foundations of the success of the company. Charles Rousseau strengthened these foundations with his skills in market and technology, while Mr. Bastien brought in his expertise in accounting and management.

In the following years which lead the world from the 20th century into the 21st the Gamma Entertainment grew into a company which has its place in adult entertainment’s history. Starting out with one site, the full-time employees at the headquarters created a network of several hundred sites offering the best content and services, based on the best available technology. Nowadays the Gamma published its content not just online, but also via mobile, broadcast on DVDs and through other channels.

One of the strongest brands of Gamma Entertainment is the Fame Dollars. This XBIZ award-winner affiliate program was created following Claude Hyppolite’s entrance as an owner. He created a model connecting the gay and straight fields, and allying with the biggest names of the adult entertainment business. These methods paired up with Gamma’s cutting-edge technology and strong presence helped the company grow, and it also makes the related online businesses bigger, along with the eager entrepreneurs.

Just to mention a few of the big names the Gamma has teamed-up with, the Fame Dollars has sites of Peter North, Rocco Siffredi, Silvia Saint, the Evil Angel, and Devil’s Film in its list.

The Fame Dollars isn’t just an affiliate program, a profit faucet for affiliates, but also one of the best ways for studios and performers to expand. The affiliates and the program bring the customers and the visitors it’s true, but there is more. On the other end, the Fame Dollars also offers the technological background: customizable site designs, maintenance and hosting at Gamma’s own server park, offering full management.

As time passed and mobile optimization became more important than ever, the Gamma kept up, so nowadays there is fast and mobile-friendly encoding and optimized interfaces. Add in the billing to the customers and the 24/7 customer service along with the essential tools for corporate building, and so it becomes clear why Fame Dollars can be so attractive for everyone in the industry. Studios, performers, and affiliates all plan for the long time with the Fame Dollars.

Gamma endeavors to satisfy everyone, straight guys, girls and gays or even transgender. The number of women- and couple-friendly porn throughout the sites shows the company’s dedication to support women in having their fun too. Glamorous lesbian movies, feminist filmmakers’ creations are available on sites like Girlfriends Films, or Sweetheart Video.

Over 40 sites cater the fans with transgender and gay pornography, including the sites from the affiliate program Buddy Profits, which offers exclusive gay content and gap-filler sites like the ActiveDuty.com with its military fetish porn. The latest was acquired by the Gamma during 2015 together with the Flamingo Bucks program. Sharing revenue up to 60 percent or paying up to $40 per signup, the Buddy Profits is also a good choice for affiliates.

The Buddy Profits affiliate program is an award winning firm: it was voted the Gay Web Company of the Year on the annual XBIZ Awards in 2015. It’s a part of the Next Door Entertainment, which has brands like Buddy Profits, Active Duty, and Pride Studios into the Gamma’s fold back in 2006. Buddy Profits won three XBIZ Awards in that title. Brand like COLT Studio Group, Raging Stallion Studios, Icon Male or Falcon Studios are some of the most popular trademarks in the gay-porn arena, and these are all Buddy Profits sites.

Teaming up with the Mile High Media and associating with studios like Erotica X, Hard X and Dark X Gamma launched O. L. Entertainment in 2013, thus expanding the empire. During 2015 O. L. Entertainment was busy looking for fresh meat: new photographers and directors, this way it could provide more high-profile porn like what the SunnyLeone.com offers.

The Gamma is a busy company, and nothing shows it better than the fact that it has ad network too, called AdXpansion. The big-man himself, Karl Bernard took control of this firm, to help it get to the next level, thus blazing a trail to further success and set an example all companies should follow.

Mr. Bernard’ opinion is ‘if you want to stay in business, then you need to adapt to changes’, while those who don’t follow the winds of times are no longer what they were, they lost positions. To be successful ‘make sure you don’t miss the boat when there is a big shift in trends’ as Mr. Bernard said.

According to Mr. Bernard, the Gamma is strong in skill, technology and building relationship, and while the partners focus on creating top content Gamma does its job in the background… and everything is done in-house. Gamma Entertainment isn’t outsourcing its tasks, the company takes care of the websites’ operation, marketing, hosting, customer server and even content packaging. A team is responsible for the CMS system, the gateways, along with the affiliate platform.

This complex network would fall apart if the company wouldn’t have the best executives and managers. An industry leader as the Gamma Entertainment needs flexible leaders so it can stay on top, and in fact it has. Joel Drapeau is a good example: he is the sales director of Gamma, nominated as Business Development Executive of the Year for the XBiz Exec Award in 2016. He is of the opinion that this industry is changing, it slowly enters another era which will bring an end to the actual status quo – quality will rule over the quantity, and this evolution has Gamma Entertainment as a leader.

Gamma Films Group was created by Sabrina Miller and is run by Magalie Rheault – their newest (and only) brand is the Girlsway. They plan on helping to redefine how adult movies are consumed nowadays. With the acquisition of the Nuru Massage network and now with the launch of the Girlsway, the Gamma Films Group focuses on building a viewers’ base who aren’t just getting off, but they are also eager to see the next episode.

With series like the Business of Women, the Girlsway breaks down the concept of web-content, and offers porn created “in the same way that TV channels produce shows”. The Girlsway is the Gamma’s answer to the growing demand of well-scripted and professionally created porn, which is couple-friendly, sexy and interesting at once. It’s certain that Gamma Films leaves a mark, and it’s established for years to come.

Behind the curtains Gamma is run by people, and apart from the upper management, the hard workers of the lower levels are also rewarded. Performance and loyalty are important, and the company always tries to get reward it by promoting people to higher standing. This ensures profitability, because those who have talent remain under the company’s wing and can continue to work towards the Gamma’s future.

To retain its employees for years and decades to come, Gamma offers group activities, and has several initiatives, like the monthly cake day, when they celebrate birthdays and milestone. Working at gamma isn’t just a job, it’s a life style, and a Nerf gun war could break any time and during lunch, a quick video game battle can happen.



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