Watching adult videos may lead you to god?

watchiingpornA recent study, published by the scientists of the Oklahoma Univ. claims that grown-up, healthy women and men, who regularly watch pornographic videos might turn – or get much closer to their religion. It seems such people also say their prayers more regularly, and their doubts concerning their religion are fewer. Though the actual reason haven’t been found yet, it looks like the main factors have to do something with guilt.

The results came from a six-year project: there were more than 1,300 participants tracked, as the researchers used the Portraits of American Life Study. The study also brought to life the fact, that about 39% of the grown-ups in the US had watched pornography, among them the men were watching three times more than women. The study has been published in the Journal of Sex Research. According to the leader of the research team, Samuel Perry, the study shows that watching porn leads to some declines in different religious dimensions, and in some heavier cases it may make the viewer more religious.

It looks like those who watched porn only 2-3 times in a weekly period weren’t that interested in religion. On higher frequency though, the religiousness seemed to have increasing slightly.


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