Wives On Vacation Review

This is another milf site from the creators of fantasy sites naughty America. The site is about wives who just go out there to find men who can fulfill their dark desires. The wives obviously cheat on their husbands that does not matter as long as they get what they need. You will have women getting to vacation on pair and when they sport the lad they think can give them a good pounding the pounce on them and give them a treat of its own kind. What get me excited when I get to the site is that the milfs accept that they have never treated their man the way they treat the ones they are cheating with. This is so naughty of the models. When you get to the free tour of the site you will see that everything is very busy and this is when I came to know that this is one of the new sites from the naughty America network. The producers of this site do pledge daily updates and full hd adult content that features the most beautiful models. When you get to this site you will have about 69 scenes and photos galleries. You should not get worried about the cheating wives because this makes the whole scene exotic when you know you are having sex with someone’s wife.

User interface

When you enter your user name and password for the very first time you are redirected to the networks gateway. Here you just have the updates from all over the network as well you can get archived porn star interviews, latest events and the upcoming ones. Then to get to the cheating wives you will have to pick the site from the sites drop down menu.

Everything is neatly arranged and the site gives you a sense of organization that can make you even like the site the more. You will have to start with the latest updates right at the home page. Being a new site so do not expect much content. As well you will not have much navigation tools more so the advances ones. The site has got a basic search box that uses the category tags to help you locate similar content.

The site also have got all its videos in thumbnails. At the root of each thumbnails you are offered a short description of the videos. You can go through the content, rate it, add to favorites and post comments.

The content

The site is about two lonely wives who decide to go on vacation. The models go out there and they get what they have been missing. They do not mind that they are married and they dare each other into talking the men of their liking. The episodes have been filmed in 4k quality.

There are over 69 videos in this site. They come in the best quality that you can ever find in the internet. All the flicks are in extra hd formats. The camera work is very great and for sure the producers are doing their work well. They also offer the videos for streaming an embedded flash player and downloading in several formats.

The photo section is great and they only give you high quality galleries that can be saved in zip files. There are also slide shows that can help you go through the content.

The site gives you multiple updates weekly. This means that you can never be bored when you get to this site. There are also extra content from sites like I Have A Wife, Asian 1 On1, Ass Masterpieces And My Naughty Latin Maid.

The prices

The site gives you the best offers keeping in mind that the videos are in extra quality. First you can start by reviewing the site for $1.95 for three days if you like the milf you can subscribe monthly for $17.75.

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