Worker suspended for tweeting nude selfies

worker suspended
Everybody has a freedom to express himself or herself on social media but as always, freedom comes with great responsibility. You can freely talk about politics, fashion, music, lifestyle and anything that makes your world go round as long as it doesn’t infringe another person’s rights. When you use social media to spread obscene content that is where the problem starts. No one requested to see your naked body so why do you take the pleasure of showing them? When news started spreading about a worker having been arrested for the same, people started commenting a lot. It all began when a Swiss woman tweeted her nude porn photos on twitter. The woman posted the nude photos from the Federal House in Berne. The Swiss government suspended her from work. She was a government employee for that matter. This woman that the government referred to as woman A, was able to stir a lot of sensation nationally. Everybody who had the news was talking about her. She became a celebrity which is what she may have wanted after all. Some said she didn’t deserve suspension while others said that what she got was not enough. The woman had more than 11,700 followers on twitter and she caught all of them by surprise. She hadn’t done such a thing before so no one knows what drove her to doing that. The government confirmed her suspension but said nothing about her future. It is not clear if she is still being paid while under suspension like what other staff usually receive. It is also not clear whether she will be fired later on or if she will resume work. Maybe she wouldn’t have received a lot of attention if she wasn’t a government employee and if she didn’t tweet using office resources. No government office would like to be associated with porn in any way and the fate of this woman remains unknown. Maybe to her, this was just a thing she did without thinking straight but she must have had some nerve to capture her pussy and share it with everyone.

Facts about nudity on social media

The number one activity on social media is porn. People are either exchanging porn or talking porn. If you want to reach people quickly, that will be via social media. If one person shares your video and the person has thousands of followers, you will have shared to thousands of people. If you want to hide something from the public, don’t let it get on social media. Maybe if Woman A had thought of this, she wouldn’t have tweeted her nude photos. The woman thought that it was only the over 10000 followers she had that would see the photos but that is not it. You and me have also seen the photos and we do not know the woman in any way. Social media users should be careful especially when it comes to serious matters. A lot of people have been arrested for chatting and inciting people about terrorism. So next time you are talking or sharing things on social media you need to mind your language. Child porn videos and photos have also been shared via social media. The day that you will get caught for that is the day you will realize that technology is a friend and an enemy. The woman deleted her twitter account almost immediately it went viral. But she either restarted it or someone else did so because it became active a few days later. The imposter who restarted the account started posting similar photos to those that the account owner had posted. She also put links to a Twicsy page using shortened urls. The name used is Adeline Lafuoine. This same name has a facebook account and if you look closely, the account had “amateur pornstar” as the listed occupation. Probably someone wants to use the atrocities of woman A to make money. If this person succeeds, then woman A would have made another person richer while she suffers an unknown destiny. People like taking advantage of situations.

The lesson learnt

Woman A should serve as an example to those of you who like posting nude pictures. She may have not suffered a huge penalty but you may not be as lucky as her. Different countries have different rules and if your country doesn’t condone such behavior you may need extra care. Some countries could have you arrested and also when we look at the moral perspective, it is not wise to take nude photos of yourself and share to the public. Unless you are a known porn star, people won’t take it well. Your family, friends and people you respect will also see your photos and you will lose the respect they had for you. Since Woman A is unknown to us, we couldn’t reach her so as to know her side of the story. You never know, maybe her account was hacked from the start. We would have liked to hear what she would say about this and how her friends and family took it. We would have wanted to know her intentions if she really shared such photos. No one can control what you do with your social media account but you can control yourself. Don’t share porn unless you know what you are doing. Don’t always comment on porn or porn related topics because people will misunderstand you. Most especially don’t involve yourself with porn when you are at work. Your employer won’t like it and in most companies, it is clearly stated on the company rules that no office resource should be used to do anything that is not related to work matters. Statistics are showing otherwise about porn at work and that it is still a popular affair but you will be better off isolating yourself from such fixes. You certainly do not want to lose your job or end up in prison.

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