XBIZ Miami and Cam Con Holds White Party


Miami – The date of XBIZ Miami’s White Party has finally been announced. In partnership with CamCon, this one is set to happen on June 1.

Mark your calendars friends because from May 31st up until June 3rd, the SLS Hotel which is definitely one of the best party places in Miami, the South Beach, will be taken over by XBIZ Miami themselves.

This is also going to be in the same date and venue as Cimon’s trade conference. Hence, the entire hotel will be exclusive only to the registered guests of both of these events. This would include more than a hundred cam models present for the occasion!

The people behind this back-to-back event expect a record-breaking attendance, balancing the perfect combination of a business and a social event.

XBIZ and CamCon decided to be in partnership in the organization of this big event and as for the theme, they have both decided on a white color theme, so expect to see the color worn stylishly by the attendees.

According to Clinton Cox, co-founder of Cam Con, this momentous event will be just one of the many events that they will collaborate with others in the future. They are even expecting a good turnout on the White Party, with the combined guests of these combined same-themed events.

Feeling excited with the event? Here are the things that you can expect from XBIZ. Aside from the educational and networking activities, there are also going to be some really awesome and special events along the way. These include the XBIZ Miami Bikini Contest and Manikin Contest, the Pool Party by CAM4 which will be held on Hyde Beach, and of course, different kinds of entertainment along the beach with sponsored perks and other fun activities!

To those who are interested, XBIZ Miami is currently offering a really sweet deal with their fully customizable marketing packages where you can flaunt and promote your brand effectively. Their plans also include the room rates which can go as low as $195/night with huge discounts on amenities and more! You can expect a really high value for your money.

Watch out for more updates about the White Party in the future along with more specific details regarding the conference, show schedules, and other announcements. You may also visit their website XBIZMiami.com for more details.

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